Indian Government To Evacuate Thousands Of Stranded Indian Nationals Across The Globe

Stranded Indian Nationals Across The Globe

Meanwhile, India is involved in preparations of an elaborate plan to evacuate thousands of Indian nationals stranded across the globe due to this ongoing lockdown.

Ministry of external affairs has made a presentation of the exit plan to top government officials in a meeting held by cabinet secretary Rajeev gob on Saturday. government is firming up an exact count of who is, where how many flights it could take from which country to which state in India. the government will also ensure that wherever possible they come with COVID-19 negative certificates.

Jaideep Mazumdar (IEP)

Jaideep Mazumdar (Indian Envoy To Philippines) Said:
“There are about 16 thousand Indian students in the Philippines besides these there are a few hundred Indians who were stranded they are temporary visitors either tourists or business persons and short visits obviously all of them would like to return to India at the earliest opportunity we have been able to rescue stranded Indian tourists from distant islands of the Philippines we’ll put them up in hotels the few materials that are open to foreigners and for those who have run out of money we have put them up in good for us where they are being well looked after but obviously this is a difficult time for all of them and therefore we maintain regular contact with them and find out about their well-being”

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