What Is The Impact Of Lockdown On Recovery Rate In the United States, India, And Other Countries?


The lockdown has been an important measure to contain the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. though lockdown in India is supposed to end on the 3rd of May experts suggest that the country might lose its momentum in the fight against coronavirus. if restrictions are not extended further, although India has fared much better than others when it comes to the response took over 19. India today’s data intelligence unit scant countries that have either lifted the lockdown or are planning to do so within the next two or three weeks and analyzed how they fared so far. Let’sTake one a country at a time.

United States of America

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Beginning with the United States of America. Now the United States despite having the highest number of covert 19 cases has not announced a nationwide lockdown yet, governors of several states have ordered people to stay at home and close all public places but not without retaliation. it was reported that in some states people took to the streets demanding an end to the lockdown or the restrictions that have been put in place. President Donald Trump himself is keen to re-open America even though the country has reported lots of cases.


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The second country that we speak of is Spain. The second most affected country with over two lakh cases Spain has been under lockdown. since the 14th of March and the Spanish government has extended the lockdown till May 9th. thus the lockdown in Spain will last for at least 57 days and in 57 days Spain saw a recovery rate of 41%. as of April 22nd, Spain reported more than 2.08 lakh cases almost 86,000 recoveries, and close to 22 thousand deaths of the remaining one lakh cases 92% are in mild condition.


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Then we discuss Italy. similarly, Italy imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 9th which is expected to last 57 days till May 3rd. Italy has more than one point eight seven lakh cases over fifty-four thousand five hundred recoveries and twenty-five thousand deaths. according to the world meter of the 1.07 lakh active cases in the country, ninety-eight percent are in mild condition. that keeps the recovery rate at 29 percent.


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France announced strict restrictions in the first week of March and a nationwide lockdown on the 17th of Marchthe lockdown in France will last 56 days till the 11th of May. France has 1.6 lakh coronavirus cases, 40,000 657 recoveries, and 21,000 340 deaths, of its 97,000 plus cases 35% are in mild condition, 5 percent in critical condition. so the recovery rate there is about 25 percent.


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Wuhan in China the epicenter of the pandemic was locked down from January 23rd to the 8th of April. when China was able to contain the virus. according to John Hopkins University data as of 8 April the day China opened Wuhan. the recovery rate in the country was 93%.


Narendra modi holding poster where written corona mean nobody raom on roads

 And finally coming to India, India is under nationwide lockdown since the 25th ofMarch. that was supposed to end on April 14th. however, owing to the adverse situation. the government extended the lockdown till May 3rd by which time India would complete 40 days of lockdown and in the current scenario, India has seen a recovery rate of 20%. so, whether or not India needs to extend the Lockdown will depend on recovery rates, reduction in rising cases and other factors there are many that continue to believe, that a complete containment can only happen if restrictions continue for a while longer. it seems like India will cross that bridge when it gets to it.

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